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Monnected Dating App

Make the right mental connection (Monnected) with the Monnected Dating app. Using emotional and mental intelligence to find the partner you deserve!


Dating With Mental Health In Mind

About Monnected LogoWe get it, all dating apps suck. Too many people are getting ghosted, catfished, scammed and taken advantage of on many levels, not to mention the mental toll that dating and relationships can take on dating app users. This changes with Monnected.

With Monnected, we use cutting edge technology to help circumvent the negative aspects of using a dating app along with tools to help dating app users navigate the pitfalls of dating/relationships plus some really cool stuff that will make Monnected the next big thing in the dating space.

We’ve taken over 20 years of dating and relationship counseling experience and poured it into this amazing new groundbreaking dating app. Complete with amazing features never seen before in a dating app.

This new dating app is currently still under development.



Because we’re still in development, we’re going to keep the biggest parts of the Monnected Dating App under wraps so we’re not going to release all the features just yet. Below are some of the basic features we have inside this new dating app designed with mental health in mind.

Quick Registration

Signup quicker with social media logins including Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Enhanced Profiles

Get noticed quick and easier than ever with our new enhanced profile setup.

Live Video Chat

Connect and chat with your matches with our live video chat. See and hear potential matches before you meet.


Swipe Technology

Introducing a new way to swipe left or right. Gone are the days of just passing over people. 


Get instant notifications of emails, likes, flirts, chat requests and more. 

Much Much More...

We haven’t listed all the features of the Monnected Dating App. Don’t want competitors stealing our ideas!

Free Lifetime Membership?

Be one of the first 1000 subscribers and get a free Lifetime Membership!

If you have questions, comments or feature requests about the upcoming release of the Monnected Dating App then feel free to email us directly at or call us at 503-610-2650. We look forward to hearing from you.

Get Free Lifetime Membership

Be one of the first 1000 subscribers and get a free Lifetime Membership to the Monnected Dating App when we launch!

MonnectedGet Free Lifetime Membership

Be one of the first 1000 subscribers and get a free lifetime membership to the Monnected Dating App when we launch!